Aesthetics, economic efficiency and sustainability are the main factors due to which ventilated ceramic facades are experiencing an increase in market success. This innovative façade system is maintenance-free, environmentally friendly, economical and offers great potential for design and adaptation according to the wishes of architects.

By applying ventilated ceramic facades, it is possible to achieve the insulation characteristic of low-energy houses (depending on the thickness of the mineral wool).

The beauty of ceramics stems from its colors. Unique surfaces are created using specific techniques. Special colors and special surfaces are available upon request.

Environmental factors such as heat, cold and UV light do not have a lasting effect on the appearance of surfaces; the colors remain unchanged after decades.

Ceramic surfaces are highly resistant to freezing, UV radiation, acids and alkalis.

The space between the ceramic tile and the insulation material ensures the regulation of the humidity of the building, directing it outwards and ensuring fast drying of the external walls. The insulation material thus remains dry and functional.

Ceramic facade elements are particularly good at meeting fire protection requirements; this external wall covering corresponds to the highest classification of non-combustible mineral insulation; the result is an overall construction that offers maximum fire safety.
In a case of fire, no toxic fumes or gases are released.
In a case of an earthquake, ventilated ceramic facades are extremely stable.

Thanks to the ventilated space, the influence of low and high outdoor temperatures on the temperature inside the building is minimized, which significantly reduces energy consumption for heating and cooling.

Facades not only reduce heat loss; also protect the interior of the building from noise; thanks to the high absorption capacity of mineral insulation materials in combination with extensive outer lining; it is possible to achieve noise protection up to 14 dB.

The use of ventilated ceramic facades is suitable for the construction of new buildings, but also for the renovation of facades of all types of buildings. All components used in ventilated ceramic facades can be easily recycled.